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Small Automotive Repair Shops

The car lift in many shops can be extremely costly, however is going to give you various advantages that without a doubt will make it worth your time. To begin, a car lift will make a car shop much more secure for the representatives, give accommodation when you are taking a shot at vehicles, furthermore help you with situating to make the repairing of autos much less demanding generally speaking. In the event that you experience considerable difficulties certain territories inside the motor, a car lift can truly help you.


The most essential thing when working in a car shop both for the shopowners, the representatives, and in addition the general population that use the shop for the repairing of their vehicles, will be the wellbeing of the shop. Your representatives are going to spend a lot of their day in the shop working, and giving a sheltered situation to them, and also the vehicles that they’re chipping away at, must be absolutely critical to any shop proprietor. A car lift guarantees that autos are securely lifted over the ground, permitting your representatives to work underneath them without apprehension of different issues. Car lifts can make a repair shop much more secure for all who work in or around the shop. Both auto lifts, auto lifts, and different sorts of lifts can be to your best advantage.


The second immense advantage of introducing an auto lift in your repair shop is the accommodation that it will give. Rather than having a narrows in which your representatives stand-in, underneath the floor surface, to take a shot at vehicles the same number of little car repair shops do, the car lift gives you the capacity to remain on the ordinary floor dealing with the auto that is raised. The different auto lifts, auto lifts, and different sorts of lifts you can discover all give accommodation to representatives. This gives a great deal of accommodation to those that are working in your shop and permits them to work from a standing, agreeable position without hopping underneath the auto in a narrows to chip away at it.


The car lifts are certainly something that can help you to manage the situating issues that numerous auto mechanics face in chipping away at vehicles, since it permits you to raise the vehicle well over the ground level, and work from underneath it from a happy with standing position. This is basically not something that you can manage without a lift, which is going to make taking a shot at a vehicle all the much less demanding.


How to Set Proper Spring Pre Load on Coilovers

download (36)So you’ve purchased a set of coilover shocks for your car with spring pre load (or “spring tension”) adjustment, but do you know how to properly set it? Maybe your coilover system does not have independent ride height adjustability, you set it to yield a desired ride height, and are now just hoping the set pre load is within proper range. Or maybe your coilovers do have spring pre load adjustability independent of ride height adjustability, but you are unsure of how this affects performance. In this article we will describe the effects of spring pre load and how to properly set it.

Having too much or too little spring tension will negatively affect suspension performance, but in different ways. Too much spring tension can make your suspension feel like it is topping out. This happens because now the shock extends to its maximum length too suddenly, and this may unload your wheels from the road surface. Not enough spring tension can make your suspension bottom out excessively. Knowing these effects can help make the correct adjustments.

Let’s define a few terms to help understand spring pre load effects. The amount of stroke the spring consumes at static ride height from the weight of the vehicle is called “droop.” And the amount of stroke left over at static ride height is called “compression stroke.” The total shock stroke is droop and compression stroke combined.


Total Shock Stroke = Droop + Compression Stroke

It is important to understand that spring tension does not affect the spring rate of a linear spring (most coilover systems come with linear springs). For example, increasing spring pre load WILL NOT increase the firmness of your linear spring. However, this WILL increase the amount of compression stroke you have which increases bottoming resistance.

Springs on most coilover systems have to be pre loaded in order to retain a desirable amount of compression stroke at static ride height. For example; if you have a coilover with a 200 lbs/in spring rate carrying 800 lbs of weight, without any pre set spring pre load, the coilover will compress 4″ just from the static 800 lbs of weight acting on it. If this coilover has a total of 5″ of stroke, this only leaves you with 1″ of compression stroke left over! In this scenario you must pre load the spring to insure you have more than 1″ of compression stroke. There is way too much droop in this scenario.

So we now know that spring tension affects droop. But what is the proper amount of droop to have? This varies depending on how much total stroke your coilovers have, so we treat the desired droop as a ratio of total shock stroke. In order to have an appropriate amount of droop, we recommend setting droop to be 30-40% of the total shock stroke (see equation below). Now you know that you have to adjust the spring tension on your coilovers to yield 30-40% droop!


Desired Droop = Total Shock Stroke x.35

How to set spring pre load:

You must first measure the total shock stroke of your coilover (including the bump stop length). Then measure how much the coilover compresses when the vehicle is at static ride height. Subtract the compression stroke at static ride height from the total shock stroke to find the droop amount. Adjust spring pre load until suspension droop is between 30-40% of total shock stroke.


Droop = Total Shock Stroke – Compression Stroke

Aurimas “Odi” Bakchis, is the CEO of Feal Suspension, Inc. and is also a professional race car driver. He has personally engineered Feal Suspension coilover systems to perform in a variety of applications and his success on track has proven the outstanding quality of his Feal Suspension products. Aurimas finished the 2015 Formula Drift World Championship as 2nd overall, has traveled the world drifting, taught a suspension seminar in Europe, and has been ranked as a Top 5 driver in the Formula Drift USA championship since 2014. His suspension expertise is sought by drivers ranging from the inexperienced to the professional.


Best Vehicle Performance For Under $100

download (35)Owning a vehicle can be practically identical to bringing up a tyke. It can cost you a ton of time, cash and devotion. Some of the time cleaning your auto routinely, topping it off with fuel and changing its oil frequently aren’t sufficient. Each auto proprietor long for adjusting their vehicles however once in a while the monetary allowance acts as a burden. Circumstances are different; updating your auto need not to be costly.

Express gratitude toward God for post-retail items, adjusting a vehicle is presently moderate. For just $100 or less, the fantasy auto that you are going for is inside span.

Here are a portion of the best reasonable vehicle mods for the financial plan cognizant:

Controlling Stabilizers. Safeguards are a standout amongst the most persevering parts of a vehicle as they give your auto an enhanced ride quality and strength by retaining shocks, vibrations and other, you’ll additionally require directing stabilizers for the side-to-side movements of the front end to keep the “shimmy” impact and “passing wobble”. Execution stuns safeguards and guiding stabilizers are very prescribed for wilderness rompers, particularly with curiously large tires. The most moderate brands of safeguards and guiding stabilizers are Rancho Shocks, Pro Comp, Skyjacker, Fabtech, Sidekick Tracker, and so on.

Air Filters. These channels filtrates the earth and flotsam and jetsam and other destructive particles entering your motor, permitting clean air to stream. They are accessible in four sorts: froth, bandage, cotton and paper air channels. The brands to keep an eye out for are AFE, K&N, Airaid and Rugged RidBrake Pads. Other than decreasing the vehicle speed if necessary, putting resources into a decent quality brake cushions and rotors keep the auto traveler safe by easily ceasing the auto. Exhausted brakes ought to in a split second supplant to maintain a strategic distance from mischances. Reasonable brands incorporate EBC, Stoptech, Centric and Hawk.

Driven Light Upgrade. Great lighting ought to be a need by any vehicle proprietor. Supplanting stock lights ought to be supplanted by secondary selling LED lights. They are brighter and vitality productive than the stock incandescent lamp knobs. Look at Putco, Sylvania and ProZ.

Windshield Wipers. Owning a decent arrangement of windshield wipers are an unquestionable requirement. It successfully evacuates downpour, soil, snow and ice from your windshield, permitting the driver to plainly see the street with no diversions. Look out for Bosch, Denso, PIAA and Windex.

For under $100, updating your vehicle is currently conceivable. These changes expect to convey a superior driving knowledge. Shabby doesn’t generally liken to sub-par quality. Secondary selling items are offered at a lower cost than their marked partners. Simply ensure that you comply with your vehicle’s outline before introducing any adjustment. What’s more, finally, as I have repeated in my past articles, plan and research your mods before spending your cash.


Typical Problems in Work of Bearings and Their Causes

download (34)There are thousands of web pages dedicated to inform agrarians what is wrong with their machinery and what to do to fix it. One of the most difficult tasks is to diagnose the issue of the breakage. This article is dedicated to the problem of bearings. In my article I have pointed out some most usual problems so you can diagnose them by yourself instead of relying on a mechanic.

Production of rolling bearings is carried out under stringent quality requirements. This is one of the most accurate devices that are available in engineering. In ideal operating conditions bearings can operate continuously for many years. Due to the fact that working conditions are rarely ideal, bearings never realise their potential in terms of resource use. Service ability of rolling bearings depends on the production, storage, maintenance, installation, working conditions and loading of bearing.

1. Surface damage due to fatigue is connected with the problem of lubrication (lubrication discrepancy, its low viscosity and oil film breaks). With further development of the defect raceway surface begins to peel and crack (it should be noted that this detachment is not as serious as ever spalling on the raceway). With the accumulation of fatigue in the material of the raceway surface becomes rough, bearing makes noise and excess heat. Permanent overload, poorly treated and contaminated surfaces inevitably lead to fatigue phenomena. This can be avoided or significantly slow down if the bearing is clean and well lubricated.

2. Surface crumbling is similar to surface fatigue, but bearing damage differ and may indicate that the bearing has exhausted its fatigue resource. Cracking and crumbling surfaces is characterised by deep cracks and delamination. This occurs, when internal cracks that occur in locations of non-metallic components in steel of the bearing, reach the surface. Premature cracking is often caused by poor shaft planting, housing curvature and incorrect installation of the bearing, i.e. conditions that cause too high cyclical stress.

3. Abrasive wear. Abrasive destroys metal surface of the bearing. Depending on the type of abrasive wear, the surface gets dull grey or metallic colour or mirror polished. Sometimes, bearing due to changes in its geometry breaks down. Small abrasive dust is a common cause of this breakage. This dust can get into the bearing during installation, due to a bad sealing or dirty lubrication. Therefore, when installing the bearing, it is recommended to wipe every element with a clean tissue before lubricating and maintain a clean work surface. Good sealing and lubricants will help to prevent contamination after installing the bearing.

4. Atmospheric corrosion. Corrosion caused by moisture, entering the bearing from the atmosphere. Moist air getting inside the bearing, cooling condenses the environment, breaking the oil film at points of contact paths and rolling elements. Atmospheric corrosion can be prevented by using a good oil seals, lubrication and good lubricating bearings. In some cases, special seals may be necessary to avoid grease splattering. Bearing should be filled with the lubrication at every relatively long machine stop.

5. Fretting-corrosion. Fretting-corrosion is very similar to ordinary corrosion. It occurs on the surface where the bearing lands on the shaft, as well as on other adjacent surfaces. It is caused by small (microscopic) loads. The particles resulting from wear are black in the absence of air or red in its presence. Fretting-corrosion can cause weakening of landing the inner ring on the shaft; and its wedge at which it can not be removed. Fretting-corrosion leads to breakage of the ring. It may be prevent following the manufacturer’s recommendations and making sure that the items adjusted optimally.

6. When brinelling on the surfaces of rings one by one, regularly, appear indentations. This is the result of plastic deformation of metal in the places of indentations, resulting from overexertion metal. Brinelling is the result of high static or shock loads, improper installation technology of the bearing, strong mechanical shock arising from the drop of the machine. Brinelling can be prevented using pressure, during its installation, instead of strokes. If shock strokes are unavoidable during installation or in service, then must be used bearings, designed for larger loads.

7. Pseudobrinelling is the same as usual brinelling, characterized by indentation on the rolling raceways. However, unlike ordinary brinelling, identations are characterized not only by metal push in plastic deformation zones, but also its displacement, as a result, damaged places are difficult to see even with careful examination. Pseudobrinelling is the result of strong machine vibration in out-of-work order. Sometimes this occurs during transportation. Also, vibrations of other nearby machines, affect it. This problem can be avoided by ensuring proper mounting of shafts with bearings, when transportating and isolating equipment from adjacent vibrating units, using separate foundations.

8. Electrical damage, spot welding occurs as a result of electric welding and often has a regular character on the surface of rolling elements and on the rolling raceway. It occurs in the result of passing of an electric current through the bearing. Electric current can also be caused by random chipping. The most common causes of electric damage is static electricity generated by conveyors belts and current of welding machines. Therefore, transporters should be equipped with earthing straps. Welding equipment also require earthing.

9. Rubbing occurs as a result of displacement of metal from one surface to another. Rubbing are caused by slipping of the bearing because of overloading and lack of lubrication. Rubbing on the ends of the cylindrical rollers can occur due to excessive axial load on the bearing. It can also appear as the result of improper assembly or insufficient lubrication of the bearing.

10. Scoring on the surface is a result of abrasive wear and appear as deep scratches on the raceways and rolling elements. Some scorings of surface make stress concentration points with possible fatigue disclosure. Surface scoring caused by relatively large particles of material that fall into the bearing and move on raceways at motion of rolling elements. Like other problems connected with pollution, surface scoring can be prevented improving sealing and component cleaning.

11. Indentation – a type of damage of bearings, similar to brinelling, because indentions are rather the result of plastic deformation, than wear. However, they occur when surface damage (scratches, abrasion by small foreign particles). Rolling elements when rotating capture foreign particles that fall into the bearing. These particles, once on the rolling raceway, leave random notchings where concentration of stress appears and rupture the oil film, leading to fatigue, chipping metal and the appearance of indentations. Probability of indentations reduces when using good sealings and frequent lubrication of bearings, which washes away foreign particles.

12. Damage, while assembling. As an example, damage while assembling is possible when the outer ring is installed improperly and when the bearing was assembled, the rollers left dents on the rolling raceways.

13. Overheating is often caused by insufficient lubrication, friction of outer ring and shaft rotation, excessive wringing out of the outer ring, when installing into the car trunk or too high speed of the shaft. In certain cases, overheating of the bearing can be caused by an external source, such as thermal oven.

14. Rings misalignment leads to fretting-corrosion and chipping. Misalignment leads to high axial loads, causing destruction and strength surface, spalling because of fatigue.

15. The destruction due to imbalance. The imbalance of the rotor provides the main load on the bearing. Sometimes the damage can be detected only in one place on the inner ring. To reduce imbalance it is required to balance individual parts of the rotor as accurately as possible, especially when working at high speeds.

16. Flacking, fragmentation of spare parts. The reason is the large bearing overload. Chipping zone due to fatigue inner ring covers the entire width of the ring, and the separator is broken into pieces by transverse cracks in the nest of every ball.

17. Damage of the cage, occurs as a result of cracks in it and its destruction. This, in turn, leads to rapid failure of the bearing as a whole, caused because of the cage. The most common cause of failure of the cage is its bending that occurs during movement of balls on intersecting trajectories, because of misalignment. Also, damage of the separator can be caused because of incorrect assembling, pollution or untimely bearing lubrication.

Once you are able to describe your problem effectively, you can then search it online. If the issue requires the help of a professional, ideally you will already know the cause of the problem saving time and money spent by the mechanic attempting to diagnose the problem for you.